The gift of light

Give the gift of light to your family and friends living off-grid in Ghana.


PEG’s durable and efficient Solar Home System includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, three solar bulbs, three light switches, a torch, an FM radio, and comes with a warranty. 


The Gift of Light plan allows you to purchase a solar home system for a friend or relative in a rural area, including delivery and installation in their homes. You can pay upfront or spread the purchase over 5 monthly mobile money payments.

Solar home system Features



Battery: 5–17 hours of light per full charge


Brightness: 12x brighter than kerosene


Radio: FM radio with MP3 playback included


Portability: Portable torch included


Charger: Mobile charging


PayGo: Pay in easy installments

plan details

Cash Discount Option: This option allows you to pay for the device up-front, at GHS 700. This option saves you the hassle of making monthly payments and provides a discount of GHS 500.

Monthly Installment Option: This options allows you to make an initial deposit of GHS 200, followed by monthly repayments of GHS 200 over 5 months. This provides the flexibility to pay gradually, while your friend or relative continues to enjoy the benefits of the solar home system.

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